On performances, lessons balalaika playing, purchase CDs, as well as suggestions about any kind of cooperation through the contact form below.

The agency's attention, art managers and anyone interested in decorating any musical event quality Russian national folklore!

I have the honor to offer you several options for professional musical entertainment of the public, regardless of age and nationality:

  • Balalaika - solo. Speech "under minus" or not.
  • Balalaika Quartet. New! More
  • Balalaika guitar duo. More
  • Balalaika duo piano. More
  • Ensemble of Russian folk instruments. The ensemble consists of five performers. Tools: balalaika, domra, domra alto, accordion, balalaika-contrabass. More
  • Chamber Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments "Russian style". Concert Orchestra in Italy, Trento.
  • Moscow Russian Folk Orchestra "Russian style". Speech at the Red Square.

The assets - a colossal experience in public speaking as on the academic stage and at corporate parties, festivals, gala evenings. Have Russian folk costumes / dresses, classic clothing (tuxedo, suit).

Repertoire and the duration of the speech - by appointment. Demo materials and prices are available on request.

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